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This site provides National foundation-level geospatial data within the open public domain that can be useful to support community preparedness, resiliency, research, and more. The data is available for download as CSV, KML, Shapefile, and accessible via web services to support application development and data visualization.

For updates about HIFLD data, guidance on metadata, and known shapefile conversion issues, please access the HIFLD notifications page located here.

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Are you directly supporting Homeland Security, Homeland Defense, or Emergency Preparedness? Would you like to get access to additional foundation-level geospatial data at a National scale to help support your mission and stakeholders?
The Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data (HIFLD) Subcommittee was established in 2002 to address improvements in collection, processing, sharing and protection of National geospatial information across multiple levels of government in order to help provide a common foundation for data visualization and analysis. To learn more about HIFLD, its 6000+ community members, and how to get secure access to additional geospatial data that may be of critical importance to you, please click below.